Private health oasis in our apartments

Bring body and spirit into balance with deep and healthy warmth. All our apartments feature a private Physiotherm infrared cabin. It is a gentle way to warm up the body and the ideal preventative health treatment for everybody.

Infrared cabin at the schneeweiss,

Sweat it out for your health in the privacy of your own room!

Heat has been used to treat a wide variation of ailments for hundreds of years. The unique low temperature infrared technology ensures healthy perspiring from as low as 30°C and without straining the circulatory system. The benefits include positive effects on back tension and pain, a strengthened immune system, increased circulation and improved metabolism.

How the infrared cabin works

It is a well-known fact that many ailments are relieved with improved blood circulation of skin, connective tissue and muscle, and that detox through intensive perspiration improve a variety of conditions.
With an air temperature of only approximately 30°C, the back is warmed with an especially developed infrared beams. The heat is transported with the bloodstream from the spinal region to the rest of the body.

The body can expel excess heat by enlarging skin blood vessels and perspiration more easily at this temperature than at the higher sauna temperatures over 37°C.
The Physiotherm principle is gentle to the cardiovascular system, even at sessions exceeding 30 minutes, because of the low ambient temperature. It still allows for an intense and thorough warming with intensive perspiration and improved circulation of the entire organism.

Luxury living
with private wellness

Some of the modern bathrooms even feature a flat screen TV, while the infrared cabin provides gentle warmth.

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